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Moinuddin Chowdhury

The chief executioner of the Al-Badr and Al-Sams forces. The key person behind the brutal murder of hundreds of progressive Bengali intellectuals in 1971. Moinuddin and his cohorts picked the enlisted intellectuals from their residences between 12-14 December,1971 and killed them at Rayer bazaar and Mirpur. It is said that those who were still alive after being shot by Moinuddin's henchmen, Moinuddin himself used to slit their throats in his own hand like slaughtering bulls for Korbani.

Moinuddin was the mastermind among his criminal peers as nothing much has been found against him. One of his razakar mate said he saw Moinuddin taking away all the money and important documents from the Al-Badr head office in Dhaka after the victory of Bangladesh. Presently Moinuddin is a British citizen and the special editor of the Jamat publication- the weekly Dawat. He is expatriate Bangladeshi elite and travels to Bangladesh frequently.

Courtesy : Muktodhara

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  1. we people of bangladesh( forget bnp and jamaat),should create a group to organize our bangali people to stand against mueen uddin lawfuly and should explain to british government and opposition that he was a criminal at war, if we do not start we never can trace him