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Ashrafuzzaman Khan

One of the chief al-Badr (Jamai Death squad in 1971) executioners. It has been clearly proved that he himself shot to death 7 teachers of Dhaka university in the killing zones at Mirpur. A certain Mofizzuddin, who drove the vehicle that carried those hapless victims to Mirpur, has clearly identified Ashrafuzzaman as the "chief killer" of the intellectuals.

After Liberation, Ashrafuzzaman's personal diary was recovered from his residence, 350 Nakhal Para. Two pages of his diary registered names and residential addresses of 19 teachers as well as the name of the medical officer of Dhaka University. Of those 20 persons, 8 were missing on December 14: Munier Chowdhury (Bengali), Dr. Abul Khair (History), Ghiasuddin Ahmed (History), Rashidul Hasan (English), Dr. Faizul Mohi (IE R) and Dr. Murtaza (Medical Officer).

Mofizuddin confessed that Ashrafuzzaman himself shot all of them. As per Mofizuddin's description, the decomposed bodies of those unfortunate teachers were recovered from the swamps of Rayer Bazar and the mass grave at Shiyal Bari at Mirpur. There were also other names in the diary including Dr. Wakil Ahmed (Bengali), Dr. Nilima Ibrahim (Bengali), Dr. Latif (IE R), Dr. Maniruzzaman (Geography), K M Saaduddin (Sociology), AMM Shahidullah (Math), Dr. Sirajul Islam (Islamic History), Dr. Akhtar Ahmed (Education), Zahirul Huq (Psychology), Ahsanul Huq (English), Serajul Islam Chowdbury (English), and Kabir Chowdhury (English).

Another page of his diary recorded the names of 16 collaborating teachers of Dhaka university. Apart from that there were also names of Chowdbury Moinuddin, the chief of operation for elimination of the intelligentsia, and Shawkat Imran, a member of the central Al-Badr command, and the head of Dhaka Al-Badr forces.

The diary also contained names and addresses of several other prominent Bengalis. All of them lost their lives at the hands of Al-Badr forces. On a small piece of paper the name of the member finance of the Pakistan Jute Board, Abdul Khalek, was written down. On December 9, 1971, the Al-Badr forces kidnapped Mr. Khalek from his office. They demanded Taka 10,000 as ransom. They saw Mrs. Khalek for ransom money. But at that time she was unable to pay the kidnappers more than 450 taka. She promised that she would give them the rest of the money later, and begged them her husband's life. But Mr. Khalek never came back.

Ashrafuzzaman has also been implicated in the murder of some journalists. It was Ashrafuzzaman who kidnapped the shift-in- charge of the Purbadesh, and the literary editor, Mr. Golam Mustafa.

Ashrafuzzaman Khan, was a member of the Central Committee of the Islami Chhatra Sangha. After liberation he went to Pakistan and worked for Radio Pakistan. Recently Ashrafuzzaman has moved to New York and presently heads the Queens branch of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)

Courtesy : Muktodhara

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  1. NOw Ashrafuz Zaman Khan is Chairman of a Masjid in Queens.

  2. This is the fact. he is now moral leader of...

  3. V should gun that bustard down.

  4. Unfortunately, your in formations are not enough to prove ashrafuzzaman as the killer. Just one Mofizuddin's witness is not sufficient.

    Names in the diary do not bear prove that he killed those teachers. Remember, If you want to trial the war criminals, you need solid proofs. Hatred will not win you the suit in courts.

    May be the teachers were killed by their jealous colleagues. Ashrafuzzaman, till the 71 war, had no criminal records.

  5. Mr. Ashique:

    You should look at the archive of
    Jamaat Newspaper Sangram during the 1971 era to understand the broader significance of the diary. One did not have to have a criminal record to do what he did. Here is the belief that was at work, made evident in numerous utterances of Jamaat leaders

    "Pakistan is an abode for muslims. It is being attacked by infidel nation india with the help of local collaborators. It is the sacred duty of muslims to eliminate these enemies of Islam. "

    Further, in the all-encompassing manner in which they defined their enemies, it is clear that they thought that any one who sympathized with Awami League or Bengali Nationalism was a threat to Pakistan, and therefore Islam.

    If some one is imbued with this kind of activist philosophy, it is not difficult to see why they would do what they did.

  6. Many of the war criminals of the Second World War are apprehended by a single eyewitness testimony. Ashrafuzzaman Khan was a member of a militant group Al-Badr. When he applied for US visa, he concealed that. If that truth is revealed, he will most likely be deported. We have encouraging development as US government is finally probing the war criminal past of the said killer.

  7. Look into this link:

  8. Hello anonymous your link is dead.

  9. The creation of Pakistan was counter productive to Islam and Muslims of India. The behavior of Pakistani leaders and army from 1947 to December 16 of 1971 was un-Islamic. India will take over East Pakistan was a false alarm, hence un-Islmic. Therefore, supporting the Pakistani regime against the people of East Pakistan, the victims, especially after the carnage of March 25, 1971, was un-Islamic. Not siding with the anti-Pakistani movement including the freedom fighting was un-Islamic, because the people of East Pakistan were the helpless oppressed. Killing the helpless and noncombatant intellectuals was not only un-Islamic, it was a barbaric crime. Not confessing that collaborating with the Pakistani regime was an un-Islamic strategy and not taking a stand against the carnage of the regime was also a crime. The leaders of Islamic movement failed to understand the Islamic movement itself and end-up playing in the hands of Satan. Such failure is not an excuse, simply because they believed they were doing things right. They were wrong all the way, yet never admitted that and, fur sure, does not seem to have repented for the killing of the intellectuals. May be, after 40 years, the decree has already come down. Hence the fate of those wrong doers is now sealed. So, it is now too late to change the course. One cannot do things for the sake of Allah and does it in a wrong way. Allah's justice is not like that.

  10. bangladesh govt is not serious at all in trying the true criminals. If that is the case how come, ashrafuzzaman is still hanging around in the USA. What our diplomats are doing? how long they will remain asleep? come on.... wake up and take this case seriously.

  11. Tomar amar balta chir ba!!! I know what you can do and how far you can go.... I am Ashrafuzzaman Khan.

  12. Cool article as for me. Very spacial thanks to author of this article.

  13. I know Ashrafuzzaman Khan personally, thus extremely disappointed with the information about his past act of killings. If he did not then, he must now understand that the killing of intellectuals or any other people without the Haqq, let the person be Muslim or Hindus, or enemies of Islam, etc., was not a valid reason to kill them. If it is true that he did, or his organization did this, God forbid, it was an act of crime and since until now the organization has not renounced its role in 1971 regarding their decision of collaboration, especially the killings of people simply because they were against Islam or secular or communist and socialists etc. were not valid action Islamically. But that was the crime who committed it personally and collectively, not any individual of Islamic movement who happened to be the member of that organization but personally did not act those crime. So, if Ashrafuzzaman Khan is wrongfully accused or convicted, what will happen to those who, let us say, created the false statement of his driver, Mofizuddin and the diary etc.? I am afraid, if the story is false and without reasonable doubt, Ashrafuzzaman Khan is already accused and convicted? Evidence has to be adequate, 100% true and substantial. Remember, if Ashrafuzzaman is guilty of the crime, he will get his punishment, today or tomorrow, if not in this life, definitely in the life after. And, let us not force punishment on him without adequate proof and when he personally is innocent of all these charges.

  14. please stop debate including people of whole country. there are both good and bad human living in every country and every religion. a man who can raping, can killing innocent people, can stealing money, can robbering, can saying lies, can supporting one eye policy, can sex without marriage, can be possible massive war crimes by him. if a country's power is on the hand of a good and honest human then he or she uses the power for good purpose, justice and peace. but when a country's power is on the hand of a bad and dishonest human then he or she uses the power for bad purpose such as war crimes. a lot of people were victimed of war crimes and injustice worldwide. and every human have the right of justice

  15. This is a false elegation against Mr. Khan. We knew him for the last 40 years, but we did not see anything wrong in him, rather he is a model for others. He always helps people, gives assistance in all regards, and asks the people to follow the right path. I could not believe that a person like him can do this. Otherwise, in 40 years, we would see something false in him. It is not right to make false elegation against anybody.