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Dr Syed Sazzad Hossain

Prof Syed Sazzad Hossain was the vice chancellor (VC) of Rajshahi University earlier in 1971 and was appointed the VC of Dhaka University in May 1971. His role during the war was to hail the Pak occupation army for the great job they were doing for the country such as cleansing the country of the infidel (Hindus). His other role was to inform the army intelligence about the whereabouts of his secular minded colleagues. Dr Sazzad was such a smug that he, as the chairman, forced the students of English dept of Dhaka university to wear formal dress (full sleeves shirts and jackets in hot summer days) and promoted bureaucratic attitude in the name of scholarship which was in reality nothing but an intellectual pretension based on mimicked linguistic difference.

The Dainik Bangla reported on 10 January 1972: Dr Sazzad made a trip to overseas to propagate against the indepence of Bangladesh within a few days following Yahya’s attack on the people of Bangladesh. One of his letters hailing the Pak army act ivies in Bangladesh was published in London times. The letter goes like this: It was not right what is being told to have happened in Bangladesh. Sazzad took the side of the Pakis by saying that Paki troops were not responsible for the massacre in the Dhaka university campus on 25 March 1971. Sazzad said the students and teachers were killed because they were fighting with each other. Sazzad was such a son of a bitch that he did not mind licking the damn asses of the Pakis while his colleagues and even classmates were killed in the massacre.

A letter with his signature published in the Dainik Bangla on 10 January 1972 is still being considered as one of the evidences of Sazzad’s collaboration with the Pakis. Sazzad wrote: according to the office order of the Pakistani embassy in London, I should be paid at the following rate: a. 50% DA from June 24 to July 1 £25.25 per day b. £150 cash. My hotel fare should be paid latter.

Dr Sazzad was the leading signatory of a statement by 55 academics, writers and journalists denouncing the liberation war. The joint statement was published on 17 May 1971 and it condemned the liberation war which they argued is an Indian mission to break up the Muslim state, Pakistan. Sazzad also criticized the activists of Swami league branding them “extremists” who have turned the movement for autonomy into a war of independence: we are frustrated with the demand…….we had been expressing our grievances within the one state structure…….we never wanted such happening, as a result we become very sorry and frustrated with the developments.

Ironic, but true, Dr Sazzad was the chair of the PEN (Poets, Essayists and Novelists) chapter in Bangladesh.
Courtesy : Muktodhara

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