Our Mothers and Sisters

by Rounaq Jahan

in Samuel Totten, et al.
Century of Genocide: Eyewitness Accounts and Critical Views
New York: Garland Publishing, 1997
Chapter 10, pp. 291-316

The following testimony is from M. Akhtaurzzaman Mondol's "Amader-Ma Bon" ("Our Mother and Sisters") which appears in Rashid Haider (Ed.) 1971: Terrible Experiences, p. 197. It was translated by Sohela Nazneen. Reprinted with permission.

We started our fight to liberate Vurungamari from the Pakistani occupation forces on November 11. 1971. We started attacking from West, North and East simultaneously. The Indian air forces bombed the Pakistani stronghold on November 11 morning. On November 13 we came near the outskirts of Vurungamari, and the Indian air force intensified their air attack. On November 14 morning the guns from the Pakistani side fell silent and we entered Vurungamari with shouts of "Joy Bangla" (victory to Bangladesh). The whole town was quiet. We captured fifty to sixty Pakistani soldiers. They had no ammunition left. We found the captain of the Pakistan forces, captain Ataullah Khan, dead in the bunker. He still had his arms around a woman-both died in the bomb attack in the bunker. The woman had marks of torture all over her body. We put her in a grave.

But I still did not anticipate the terrible scene I was going to witness and we were heading toward east of Vurungamari to take up our positions. I was informed by wireless to go to the Circle Officer's office. After we reached the office, we caught glimpses of several young women through the windows of the second floor. The doors were locked. so we had to break them down. After breaking down the door of the room, where the women were kept, we were dumbfounded. We found four naked young women, who had been physically tortured, raped, and battered by the Pakistani soldiers. We immediately came out of the room and threw in four lungis [dresses] and four bedsheets for them to cover themselves. We tried to talk to them, but all of them were still in shock. One of them was six to seven months pregnant. One was a college student from Mymensingh. They were taken to India for medical treatment in a car owned by the Indian army. We found many dead bodies and skeletons in the bushes along the road. Many of the skeletons had long hair and had on torn saris and bangles on their hands. We found sixteen other women locked up in a room at Vurungamari High School. These women were brought in for the Pakistani soldiers from nearby villages. We found evidence in the rooms of the Circle Officers office which showed that these women were tied to the windowbars and were repeatedly raped by the Pakistani soldiers. The whole floor was covered with blood, torn pieces of clothing, and strands of long hair. ...

Collected from Eyewitness Accounts: Genocide in Bangladesh


  1. Hello, I am from Pakistan. Is this story really true? I want to know it. Our history tells different from this written text.

  2. Go to hell u paki. After 40 years u want to know the truth?

  3. hallo! I want to know about the half naked women picture in this page (above). Why this picture in this page? u people all r sick!!! why can't u respect the women? why always think as a sexy goods? sick!!! sick!!! sick!!!

  4. All this rape story of Muslims girls by Muslim army of Pakistan is disgusting Hindu Indian propaganda. We Muslims should have intercoursed more kafir women- then the children would be Muslims and stop worshipping monkey gods ( hanman).

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  8. To @Sadiq and all the ingorant Pakis with a superiority complex: Couple of facts in response:
    1. You are the result of nomads / barbarians / invaders intercoursing with kafir women.
    2. The monkey God you refer to by the way is none other than the one whom you face and pray. You need only google for "kaaba shiva" or related text. Now you wouldn't want to be a blasphemer would you?
    - AA

  9. I am an Indian. I learned here, only one guy the sensible one, who asked a clear n focused question at first. But no one have answered him! Even someone had slanged upon him. I wonder. So u are the heroes of India n Pakistan? U don't know to respect a man or women either. I doubt, u may not respect even ur family members. All u know is that ur very personal selfishness. U have lives without any purpose. U don't know to speak. How many years will u be illiterate, religious, conservative, make war among the countries? Gaining degrees from schools n universities is not education. See the suroundings n think urself. When will u understand that u r the burdens of the Earth? Let's jump from the roof of some houses for the planet. :)

  10. I would also like to acknowledge the third comment. U r right, they r sick, only sick.

  11. I'm a proud Indian and I'm not an anti-Pakistani per se. However, the brutal, horrific crimes that these "brave hearted soldiers of Pakistan" did to these unfortunate, unarmed and helpless men and women, makes me wonder about the sanity & pedigree of the Pak army men. I'm certain that we may need to define a new class of two-legged animals in Zoology, which are obviously bred & reared so profusely in Pakistan!

  12. lie,full of lies.the brothls and the prostitute of bangladesh were they closed for business in 1971.

  13. Bhai Sameer , yes it is 100% true and there is more true that we do not know or cannot imagine , because when in Bangladesh someone dig a big whole on a land to build a house , many many skeletons are seen and forensic tests reveal these are dead by shooting in 1971 , later if someone eagerly talk to the people of that land or nearby people some elderly persons tell them the very sad story of Pakistan Army's brutal act. and sometimes some elderly says that his or her sister of mothers were abducted by the Pak Army and their raped dead bodies were discovered here and there, if u want to know more u can visit Bangladesh , and Sadiq , Bhaiya , we are not telling lies , no human can lie about their own mothers , sisters and daughters chastity. It is very very true I tell u ,u also visit Bangladesh to see with your own eyes , how many war victim families are still living their miserable lives We r Mulim women and we never heard of such illegal raping or we do not do adultary as muslim , it is haram . Our innocent girls were raped and among them some were Hindu girls too , they are like our sisters , we Hindu Muslim all are Bangladeshi . Indian people do not do any propaganda , or they know less than us , we had seen how many women were raped or killed , u know pregnant wemen were raped and cut their abdomen and Pak Army threw the baby after cutting their abdomen ??/ They also killed many preg women by beyonett charge , we have seen this with our own eyes , we have no intension to get eny benefit from u by lying .. at the same time , pls don't talk rubbish of raping Kafir women , they r created by Allah , and Allah has their responsibility , it's not your responsibility to convince them to be religious , and as Muslim we do not worship any animal or we know who has constructed Kaaba first . Kaaba was first constructed by the first human in the world Adam (A:) , so pls , do not make story of Kaaba being a Shiv mandir and thus making the Pakis angry against Hindus and say ugly and vulgar things which is lie against Hindus and us . Pls do not figh ton any imaginary things , the fact is Pakis killed Bnagladeshi , they did not develop this land before the war , they took away our property and maney and they sold rice at higher price in Bangladesh which rice was produced by us rather they used to buy it with low price , our children could not get free books in school but they got free books , why this discrimmination ?? that's why this war took place , if Pakis think that in BD there are many Hindus , so who they r to decide about them?? We all were Pakistani ,isn't it ? For their arrogance they are now suffering .If a muslim says that raping is fare or raping Hindu girl is fare then he is commiting sin and also if a Hindu says that Kaaba is a Shiv mandir or worship an animal is normal other than the Almighty he is also commiting sin . We all r creature of Almighty and only Almighty will decide whom to worship or what to do in the world . Killing , raping etc is forbidden by Almighty .

  14. bhai samir let me tell u a similar story of how bengalis slaughtered 120000 non bengalis between 1st march and 25th march 1971.they also raped thousands of non bengali women.maj zia ur rehman who also became bangladesh's president later killed his punjabi CO himself after luring him.this is just an example.you can confirm this from “RAW in Bangladesh by ZainulAbedin (an ex-Mukti Bahini member) on 1971 war. Read Blood and tears by a Pakistani writer about 1971 war. Check the website of Federation of American Scientist on 1971 war. Read “East Pakistan Tragedy” by L.F. Rushbrook Williams.
    and as of upgiven comment sir for your information pakistan has always produced more rice than east pakistan or bangladesh.u may check it up.and no pakistani gotfree text books before 2004!can u please tell me where are the non bengalis of bangladesh bcoz they didnt come here.according to history they were claimed by mukti bahini.u can verify it from upgiven sources.if east pakistan was responsible for 70%of national income(according to sheikh mujib) then why the econmy ofbangladesh is only half of the pakistani economy?
    and for the onewho says we cheat in cricket i dont know whether he is bangladeshi or indian but he is a sure crybaby because both india and bangladesh have been losing to us under supervision of neutral umpires.bangladesh has won 1 odi against us and lost 30 odd odis and all tests.india has won 48 odis and 9 tests while they have lost 69 odis and 12 tests so advise u not to act like a total loser and i am not afraid of feedback like the the anonymous losers here!



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