The Officer's Wife

by Rounaq Jahan

in Samuel Totten, et al.
Century of Genocide: Eyewitness Accounts and Critical Views
New York: Garland Publishing, 1997
Chapter 10, pp. 291-316

This testimony is from Amita Malik's The Year of the Vulture, pp. 141-42.
Another pathetic case is that of a woman of about 25. Her husband was a government officer in a subdivision and she has three children. They first took away the husband, although she cried and pleaded with them. Then they returned him half-dead, after brutal torture. Then another lot of soldiers came in at 8 or 9 A.M. and raped her in front of her husband and children. They tied up the husband and hit the children when they cried.

Then another lot of soldiers came at 2.30 P.M. and took her away. They kept her in a bunker and used to rape her every night until she became senseless. When she returned after three months, she was pregnant. The villagers were very sympathetic about her but the husband refused to take her back. When the villagers kept on pressing him to take her back, he hanged himself. She is now in an advanced stage of pregnancy and we are doing all that we can do to help her. But she is inconsolable. She keeps on asking, "But why, why did they do it? It would have been better if we had both died."
Collected from Eyewitness Accounts: Genocide in Bangladesh


  1. Where are those 195 War Criminal of Paki Army, We Demand and want their trial also. We Demand, We Want.

  2. If any one have list of 195 Pakistani WAR Criminals, Pls publish here.

  3. Dear Brothers I am a Pakistani and condemn the action of the soldiers. I have had Bangla friends in school and found them very loving. I have a suggestion, in todays times we have the DNA matching.We also know the location of crime and the location of various Pakistani units in Bangladesh . We can scientifically prove who raped and then Islam had the Punishment for Rape.
    No muslim can overlook a punishment prescribed by Allah! In Pakistan a majority of People still have their sympathies with the Bengalis.
    It is also amply clear that it was India which split us apart and the reasons everyone knows very well.

  4. I feel very proud to be a Bangladeshi.Many of 195 arrested pakistani criminals are yet alive in pakistan and abroad.Anyone please help us for justice and find them and list them.Every pakistani's should feel sorry for 1971.Because we (India, Bangladesh Pakistan)were in one territory once upon a time.British people are actually liable for everything.They first push pin between Hindu Muslim devidation.But we are so fool that we didn't understand british bluddy war policy.We are still fight each other hindu muslim or others.Bro grow up,strong your hand together and answer to thouse we devided us.And punish who are resposible for 1971.1947

  5. When Millions of your women (Ugly, Black, Shorties and very smelly) were raped, where is the population that was emerged from the rape of these shitty women. You women are not worthy of even rape. Where are those babies now which took birth after the rape. You say that 3 millions were killed? Only three millions, It is estimated that in order to bring law and order under control, more than 100 millions males Bengalis should be eliminated and all the Bengali women should be enslaved to work as our slaves, not for sex, because they are not worthy of sexual intercourse.



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