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Abbas Ali Khan

Abbas Ali Khan was the second in command in Jamat. Until Golam Azan was officially declared to be the Ameer (or Leader) of the party, Khan acted as the chief. Khan's role in 1971 was against the independence of Bangladesh, and against the spirit of Bengali nationalism. In 1971, he was the deputy chief of Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami. Khan gave leadership to para-military forces such as the Razakars, Al-Badrs and Al-Shams, all formed by the Jamaat and like- minded parties in cooperation with the Pakistan army. The principal aim behind formation of these three forces was to provide battle-field support to the military, gather intelligence about local resistance groups, identify and eliminate Bengali nationalist elements, and carry out raids on villages involving mass killngs, rape, arson and lootings. The Pakistan army enjoyed direct assistance from these paramilitary forces in its campaign of genocide which resulted in the death of three million unarmed people of Bangladesh. Abbas Ali Khan abetted and encouraged Pakistan army's genocide through speeches at countless rallies, statements to and, articles in newspapers etc. Khan also played a leading role in the central "Peace Committee", which was set up to directly and indirectly assist the Pakistan army's campaign in Bangladesh. The "Peace Committee" formed branches all over the country, manned by local leaders of Jamaat and camp-followers. These committees acted as the political wing of the three paramilitary forces and played an active role in assisting Pakistan army's attempt to brutally suppress the Bengali's struggle for freedom in 1971.

According to reports in the press during 197 1, Khan became a minister in the cabinet of governor M A Malek, after taking part in a series of stage-managed parliamentary by- elections. The seats put up for by-elections were all held by members of the Awami League. The seats were declared vacant by the Pakistan military junta after the Awami League was banned on Mar 26, 197 1. Khan assumed the office of the minister for education in Malek's puppet government on Sept 17, 1971.

On Nov 25, Abbas Ali Khan said in a statement, "I have no doubt that the Indian army has began a shameless aggression in several fronts under the guise of the Mukti Bahini with the despicable aim of swallowing East Pakistan. Our armed forces alone cannot carry on this war. It is the duty of every citizen to strengthen the hands of our soldiers and help save the dignity of our dear Pakistan". In the same statement, with an oblique reference to Bengali intellectuals and freedom fighters, he called on people to "stay alert against people engaged in anti-state and destructive activities. Help the armed forces and the Peace Committees to eliminate these elements".

On Dec 10, just four days before the killings of intellectuals reached its peak, he said in another speech, "In the Battle of Badr, only 313 Muslim troops faced over 1,000 Kuraish, and were victorious. Today, 130 million people (the then population of West Pakistan and Bangladesh combined) are fully prepared to defend this sacred land. Our enemies are the rumor mongers, the agent provocateurs and those who propagate in favor of India or that imaginary country Bangladesh. You have to be ware of these enemies. Smash their poisonous fangs at the first opportunity. Join hands with our Razakar, Al-Badr and Al- Shams forces and dedicate yourself to the task of saving the country."

Governor Malek formed several sub-committees in December to strengthen the attack of Pak army. Khan was put in charge of the information sub-committee, along with A S M Solaiman. Khan continued to propagate against Bangladesh even after 197 1. In 1980, while addressing his first post- 1971 press conference, Khan showed no remorse for what he or his party had done. Instead, he said, "We did the right thing in 1971." Even today, Khan continues to conspire against the independence of Bangladesh and against the Bengali national identity of the people. He continues his efforts to turn Bangladesh into a second Pakistan.

Courtesy : Muktodhara

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  1. I don't believe this part' "Even today, Khan continues to conspire against the independence of Bangladesh and against the Bengali national identity of the people. He continues his efforts to turn Bangladesh into a second Pakistan."

  2. Are you Know about Khans Date Of daith?