Md. Ruhul Amin

Martyr (Shaheed) Md. Ruhul Amin, BS

Born: At Bagpachra in the district of Noakhali in 1934. After completing his secondary education from Sunaimuri High School in 1949, he joined erstwhile Pakistan navy in 1951. During the Liberation Movement in 1971, he was serving as engineer officer in the appointment of ERA-1 in PNS comilla Gunboat under Chittagong Naval base. On 25th March 1971 , he left the pak navy and joined the Liberation war. Later on he joined the naval ship Poash A few days before the country was liberated his ship came under air strike on 10 December 1971 near Khulna shipyard. He foughr bravely to save his ship but was wounded severely and later on the embraced martyrdom. He was honoured with the highest gallantry award “Bir Srestha” for hiw courage, valour and dedication to the nation.

( 7 Bir Sreshtho, Hero)


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