Top Pakistani War Criminals - General Niazi

General AAK Niazi (PA-477) was the chief of Eastern Command in 1971. The Yahya- Bhutto gang picked Niazi for this special mission as he was notoriously corrupted and immoral and was dumb enough to be their scapegoat in the war. In Pakistan Niazi was involved in business with the patrons of brothels and influential business women. He was also involved in smuggling pans from East Pakistan. He found his posting as the chief of Eastern Command as a lucrative one and was certainly puffed up as, due to this promotion, he stepped ahead 12 of his senior officers.

Niazi was a soldier and as such he fought a conventional war against Bangladeshi freedom fighters and Indian alliance forces. He was too dull to conceive the ignoble scheme to kill the intellectuals. But as he was a corrupted officer he concentrated more on looting and rapes. He made fortunes for himself and encouraged his under commands in the occupation army to loot and rape as pointed out by Mr Alamder Raja, the last commissioner of Pakistan: "......It is said that the people of West Pakistan were unaware of the terrible devastation inflicted on the Bangalees by the Pakistani occupation army. It was a sheer government propaganda. Did not we have radios those days? Before the war, Punjabi soldiers used to send Tk 200-300 per month to their families. But in 1971, they sent about Tk 500-600 per month. Where did they get the additional money ?....." ,

About rapes, Mr. Raja gave an example of the brutality of the Pakistani soldiers: ".......A band of Pakistani occupation army attacked a house and killed one but all the members of the family. The only young girl of the family was kept alive for rape. The girl begged for mercy; frightened to death she cried out and said is a Muslim woman and the soldiers are also Muslim. How come Muslim men can rape a Muslim woman? .....At last, as a last resort, she put the holy Koran on the bed, next to her and said, they have to step on the Koran to rape her. The bastards kicked the Koran out of the bed and group raped her...."

Loots and rapes were so rampant that Niazi, in one of his confidential memo, mentioned that the departing West Pakistani families were carrying looted properties with them to Pakistan. Rapes and forced pregnancy to eliminate the Hindus as a race was so wide spread that Niazi had to officially warn his officers: ...." I gather that even officers have been suspected of indulging in this shameful activity and what is worse, that in spite of repeated instructions, comdos. have so far failed to curb this alarming state of indiscipline. I suspect that cos and osc units/sub-units are protecting and shielding such criminals...".

Lt Col Aziz Ahmed Khan, CO of 8 Baluch regiment (CO 86 Mujahid Battalion in 1971) , confessed that Niazi personally encouraged ethnic cleansing: "Brigadier Arbbab also told me to destroy all houses in Joydebpur. To a great extent I executed this order. General Niazi visited my unit at Thakargaon and Bogra. He asked us how many Hindus we had killed. In May, there was an order in writing to kill Hindus. This order was from Brigadier Abdullah Malik of 23 Brigade."

The notorious killer, loafer, looter and rapist of 1971, rascal Niazi now, in order to evade trial, puts on the mask of a pious Muslim. Who would believe that the old buffoon in showy Islamic attire in the photo below was the main culprit behind the loots, rapes, arsons and massacres of the Bangalees in 1971?

Niazi in 2000


Courtesy : Muktodhara

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