Bring the Pakistani Monsters to Justice!

During the liberation war of 1971, Pakistani occupation army led by General Yahya Khan and his colleagues in collaboration with the anti liberation forces (Jamat, Muslim League, and other Islamic fundamentalist groups) of Bangladesh killed a total of 3 million unarmed Bangalees, molested and raped about 4, 50, 000 Bangalee women and, on the eve of the independence, murdered hundreds of leading intellectuals to spiritually cripple the nation. A crime far exceeds, in its atrocity and inhumanity, the crimes of Hitler, Melosovitch, the nazis and the fascists. The war criminals of Bangladesh liberation war were never tried and they have never apologized for their crimes to the nation. Muktadhara, on behalf of the Bangalees of Bangladesh, appeals to the world for the trial of those war criminals. Crimes of Pakistan occupation army in the Bangladesh liberation war of 1971:

1. Killing of 50,000 Bangalees in Dhaka on 25 and 26 March, 1971 under the military operation code named " operation searchlight".

2 Ruthless massacre of 3 million unarmed Bangalees over nine months of armed occupation by Pakistani military.

3. Senseless and wanton loots, rapes, arson and killings in Bangladeshi countryside during the course of the "sweeping operations" following the military crack down.

4. Preplanned killings of intellectuals and professionals like doctors, engineers, civil servants, students and social workers and burying them in mass graves over nine months occupation to spiritually cripple the Bangalees.

5. Killing of Bangalee officers and soldiers of the units of the East Bengal Regiment (EBR), East Pakistan Rifles (EPR) and the East Pakistan Police force in the process of disarming them.

6. Planned killing of Bangalee civilian officers, businessmen and industrialists, or their mysterious disappearance from their homes by or at the instance of Pakistani army officers performing martial law duties.

7. Rapes and molestation of 450,000 Bangalee women by the officers and soldiers of Pakistani occupation army as a deliberate act of revenge, retaliation and torture.

8. Use of thousands of Bangalee women as sex slaves and comfort girls in military camps and bunkers by the members of all ranks of Pakistani occupation army.

9. Ethnic (Hindu) cleansing. Forced pregnancy of Hindu women and deliberate killing of Hindu males to exterminate Bangalee Hindus as a race.

10. Massive destruction of Bangladeshi industries and institutions. Loots, extortions and forced possession of Bangladeshi assets and taking them over to Pakistan.
Courtesy : Muktodhara

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