Name of some collaborator

Names of some top razakars (war criminals):
  1. Go Azam (Gholam Azam)
  2. Monnan
  3. Motya (Matiur Rahman Nizami, Head of Chhatra Sangha (chhatra shibir), the students’ organization of Jamat-e-islam and Al-Badr and Al Sams forces)
  4. Delu (Delwar Hossain Saidi)
  5. Moinuddin (The assassin)
  6. Al Mojahid
  7. Anwar Zahid
  8. Foka Chowdhury (Fajlul quader chowdhury)
All of them escaped trial following the assassination of Sheikh Mujib by the army and were later rehabilitated by the military dictator Ziaur Rahman (the sole beneficiary of Sheikh Mujib murder).

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