Maulana Dawood

"....Also intact: the alliance between Raza and Maulana Dawood, who had accompanied the Hyders to Karachi and who, once he was installed in the official residence of the new minister, at once distinguished himself by launching a vociferous public campaign against the consumption of prawns and blue-bellied crabs, which being scavengers, were as unclean as any pig, and which, although understandably unavailable in far-off Q., were both plentiful and popular in the capital by the sea. The Maulana was deeply affronted to find these armored monsters of the deep freely available in the fish markets, and succeeded in enlisting the support of urban divines who did not know how to object. The city's fishermen found that the sales of shellfish began to drop alarmingly, and were therefore obliged to rely more than ever on the income they gained from the smuggling of contraband goods. Illicit booze and cigarettes replaced blue crabs in the holds of many dhows. No booze or cigarettes found their into the Hyder residence, however. Dawood made unheralded raids on the servant's quarters to check that God was in charge.

Shame: Salman Rushdie

Courtesy : Muktodhara

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