How the Razakars were created

Politically Razakar forces were created by the Paki military intelligence (ISI-Inter Services Intelligence, and possibly with active support from CIA) and they were the predecessors of today’s Talibans. Members of both the forces, Razakars and Talibans, were recruited, trained and inducted in the same process. They were recruited from lower middle class, semi illiterate, Muslim families mostly from madrasa (parochial Islamic institutes) background. After recruitment they were inducted to Maududi’s ideology which prescribes extermination of non-Muslims and liberals. The razakar force was created to serve as a tool of Paki establishment to systematically turn East Bangla (as with Afghanistan) into a mere colony. The first step for the Paki establishment was to destroy in order to take over the textile industries. They did it in 1964 by means of a series of communal riots, incited by the activists of Muslim league and other Islamic parties, forcing the Bangalee Hindu textile owners to migrate. West Pakistani capitalists, not a single Bangalee, took over all the textile mills: the Adamjees, the Bawanis and the Ispahanis. Although missed out on the big bites, the Muslim leaguer and Jamati thugs, however, received the leftovers: the properties (residential and shops) left by the middle class Hindu Bangalees.

Once the Bangalee elites were kicked out, razakars were deployed to force out the educated Hindu middle class. The reasons were: Hindu Bangalees were politically conscious and they were the patrons of democracy and liberalism in East Bangla. Communist party where mainly the highly educated and patriotic Hindus congregated were banned and the members were brutally repressed by the police forces (they were even killed in jail). Paki politicians knew very well that they could not fool the Bangalees as easily as they could the Pakis. The Hindu Bangalees were highly competent in parliamentary politics, a competence they learned through anti British movement. The shrewd Paki politicians knew that the only way to counter Bangalees politically was to rid of the Hindu middle class by means of Islamic ideology. For this the razakars came in very handy. They again instigated the common people against the malauns (the heathens, Hindus). Communal riots surged, Hindu houses burnt and women kidnapped. All the decent Hindu families left East Bangla except for the working class and a few die hard patriots like Dhirendra Nath Datta who refused to leave his motherland even for his life. It was a great opportunity for the Muslim Leaguers and razakars. They not only occupied the Hindu assets and properties but also took over their jobs, professions and trades. The janitors of Hindu trading houses became the owners of the business, 6th grade pass peon of schools became the headmaster and that of college became lecturers and principals. The Hindus fought the British for their independence but kicked out of their motherland by the Muslim leaguers and razakars who had no contribution in anti British movement. What an irony of fate. How horrible Islam as an ideology.

Towards the end of the liberation war, the razakars realizing that they could not stop the liberation (thanks to Russian and Indian support and extraordinary leadership of Tajuddin Ahmed) of Bangladesh, inflicted the deadliest blow against the emergent nation: they killed the top Bangalee intellectuals and professionals. The blueprint for the elimination of Bangalee intellectuals was done even before the start of the war. The blueprint was done by the ISI headed by its Eastern commander Gen Rao Forman Ali in collaboration with the top Jamati / Muslim League leaders (see photo on Genocide page).

The Razakars were behind the killing of a total number of 3 million Bangalees and rape and molestation of 450, 000 Bangalee women. After independence the Awami league Government arrested most of them. But due to political pressures from both home (Maulana Bhasani) and abroad (USA, all the Middle Eastern countries led by Saudi Arabia) Sheikh Mujib released the minor Razakars from imprisonment under general amnesty. But Sheikh Mujib never forgave the top Razakars. The leader of Jamat-e-Islam Go-Azam’s citizenship was revoked. Motya and other top leaders were in jail under trial. After the assassination of Mujib, the whole political scenario was changed. Zia granted Go-Azam Bangladeshi citizenship, released all the Razakars imprisoned on various criminal charges and by amending the constitution allowed them to be involved in politics (Mujib banned communal politics). Not only that under the banner of his new party BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party) he rehabilitated all the notorious Razakars and Muslim Leaguers (awarded premiership to a notorious razakar Shah Aziz)

Following Zia’s lead his successor Ershad, in the midst of his massive screw ups, kept pampering the Razakars and the Muslim leaguers. As a result of fifteen years of pampering the once loathed Razakars now became the most powerful people of Bangladesh, a country ironically they fought against. Being in power they deliberately destroyed (while the BNP leaders were busy stealing the public money to get rich) the main political / social institutions of Bangladesh and rewrote the history of our liberation war. The 71 episode is banished from the history texts of Bangladeshi schools. Their mentor Zia (an ordinary major in 1971 who even helped Pakis in clearing the weapons later used to gun down Bangalees and changed side only when he realized he was to be disposed after the weapons were cleared) is portrayed as the leader of the liberation war and Mujib is condemned as a traitor who betrayed the infamous Lahore Convention- root of all political evils in Indian sub continent.

Since 1947, the razakars have been doing the same thing again and again: they are using Islamic ideology to counter democracy and liberalism; with their usual recourse to fascism and violence they are keeping social progress at bay (Islam represents feudalism not capitalism, although created by USA specially the CIA, Bin Laden hates America), they are indirectly helping the capitalist countries to keep Muslim countries as markets.

Courtesy : Muktodhara

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